Mullumbimby Civic Memorial Hall Terms and Conditions of Hire Agreement


  1. Hire Rates

    1. Community Rate

      As a community hall we offer a discount rate for Community Users. The Mullumbimby Civic Hall Management will use the following guidelines to define user categories for Hire:

      • not for profit legal structure and a registered office within the Byron Shire
      • no wages or gratuities being paid to an individual
      • income being donated to community organisations
      • raising money for charity
      • supports a community group
      • registered as an income exempt tax exempt charity (ITEC) with the ATO
      • is a genuine private event not open to members of the public
      • a person (or group) who freely offers to perform a service or undertake a task.
    2. Companion Card

      This facility participates in the Companion Card Program and you are encouraged to allow Companion Card holders to obtain a free ticket to your activity/event for their Companion.

  2. Deposit, Terms, Cancellation & Refund

    1. Deposit

      A booking is confirmed when an online booking form has been completed:

      • a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance is provided (if required)
      • payment of non-refundable deposit equal to 40% of Hire Invoice
    2. Terms

      Remainder of Hire Invoice to be paid 42 days prior to event

    3. Cancellation & Refund Policy:

      Once full payment has been received 6 weeks out from the date of the event, the cancellation penalty is as follows:

      20% of total fee
      35 days from event
      40% of total fee
      28 days from event
      60% of total fee
      21 days from event
      80% of total fee
      14 days from event
      100% of total fee
      7 days from event
  3. Insurance

    Public Liability

    1. Casual and Regular Hirers

      A Casual and Regular Hirers Policy ($10 million) exists in order to cover Casual Hirers using Council facilities. Definitions of “Casual” and “Regular” Hirers are as follows:

      Casual Hirer: Any person or group of persons (not being a sporting body, club, association, corporation or incorporated body), who hires a council facility for non-commercial or non-profit making purposes, less frequently than once per calendar month or 12 times per calendar year.

      Regular Hirer: Any person or group of persons (not being a sporting body, club, association, corporation or incorporated body), who hires a Council facility for non-commercial or non-profit making purposes, more frequently than once per calendar month or 12 times per calendar year.

    2. Other Hirers

      Your own Public Liability Insurance cover is required if you fit into the following criteria.

      • creates an income or profit from the activity eg. yoga, art, Pilates classes charging a fee for service, workshops by charging door entry, participation fee, prepaid fee.
      • makes a personal financial gain from the activity.
      • is a sole trader or registered business.
      • corporation or incorporated bodies.
      • sporting body, club or association of any kind.
      • you do not meet the criteria as a “Casual or Regular Hirer”.
  4. Hall Capacity

    The capacity of the Main Hall is 280 seated or 400 standing. The Front Room has a capacity of 75 seated and 100 when the Main Hall is not in use.

  5. Parking

    1. Clearway for Fire Brigade Vehicles and Ambulances
  6. Safety

    1. Electrical Tagging
    2. Food Handling
    3. Fire Exits

      • all fire doors must be kept clear of obstructions AT ALL TIMES. Any tables, chairs, props must be at least 1metre from any fire door. The double timber doors that lead out to the foyer at the front of the building must not have any tables or chairs placed in front of it so, in case of any emergency, there is direct access to the front glass doors. In the event of a fire the alarm will sound and emergency lights will come on. The assembly point is in the reserve at the side of building near laneway.
    4. Smoke and Fire

      • no gas units for heating to be brought into the hall.
      • no candles, sparklers, incense or any smoke emitting device (smoke machine can only be used by prior arrangement)
      • no smoking in any areas inside the hall. Outside ashtrays are provided and to be placed 10 meters from any door or passageway.
      • caterers need to make sure if using the oven or stove top that the overhead fan is turned on otherwise the heat sensors will activate the alarm systems.
      • a $50.00 call out fee applies to turn off the fire alarms if activated.
    5. Gas

      In the event the gas bottle runs out in the kitchen the keys (or management) will open the caged storage in courtyard to access new bottle. Switch lever and turn on gas bottle. Please ensure you inform management that you have switched to the new gas supply. Ensure gas is turned off prior to leaving venue.

    6. Roof

      The rafters have a weight restriction of no more than 50kg per rafter

    7. Chairs

      Please stack the chairs 10 high only. The chairs are designed to click lock together. This is an OH&S requirement.

    8. Safety Officer

      A ticketed event with sales over 75 pp must inform the Venue Manager of the name of a designated Safety Officer.

  7. Alcohol

    1. Liquor Licence

      For information about serving liquor at events please contact NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing and email

    2. Security

      If serving alcohol security is required. Security is required when serving alcohol at the hall. Please ensure security professionals will be advised that no alcohol is to be consumed on front steps or in public reserves. Contact details of licensed Security staff are to be supplied to Management and we will also request to sight all RSA certificates of staff serving alcohol and any other relevant licences.

      The terms of the hirers liquor licence will be specified by the Liquor Board.

  8. PA & Lighting

    1. Noise

      Noise levels/times in accordance with POPE requirements are as follows; Sunday to Thursday – no noise after 10pm (unless public holiday) Friday and Saturday night – no noise after 11.30pm

      Noise levels have been set at max 85db inside the hall and no louder than 50db at the nearest residence. Any band or DJ will be monitored on the night and must adhere to the direction of management or your bond may be affected. All technical personnel operating PA and lighting equipment must carry public liability insurance.

    2. APRA licence

    3. Lighting Layout

      any changes to the current lighting configuration needs to be returned to this set up at the end of the hire. (At hirers cost)

  9. Bond Refund

    1. Equipment Checklist:
      • chairs
      • trestle tables
      • low staging x 3 plus steps x 1
      • low staging skirts x 3
      • lectern
    2. Walls and Surfaces

      No nails bluetack or holes can be used/made on any wall and surface.

    3. Floors

      The floors are a sprung hardwood timber floor. Please take extra care with movable staging and ladders tables and chairs so as not to damage the floorboards. The chairs are to be moved by the trolleys supplied only and returned to the chair store after hire.

    4. Rubbish

      1 general garbage skip and 1 co-mingled garbage skip are provided for rubbish and recycling.

      These skips are emptied as required. If your event is likely to require more than these skips please contact Solo Waste to arrange extr wheelie bins to be delivered and collected. You can also ask the Venue Coordinator to ensure that the skips have been emptied just prior to your event.

    5. Keys

      Keys to be returned to the keysafe. ALL other keys to be returned to the key cabinet in the cleaning room.… replacement keys at expense of Hirer. Keysafe must be left closed during the event and the keys kept with the hirer during the event.

  10. Locking Up

    The Hall is to be vacated by midnight.


    • Ensure all chairs, tables and mats are inside
    • Check all rear doors especially stage doors are closed. Lock all internal doors
    • Check glass & timber fire doors are locked Check all louvers are closed and locked
    • Kitchen – close roller shutters into hall. Make sure oven and hot water boiler are turned off. Leave fridge on at all times. Lock external roller door. Turn gas off at wall.
    • Check doors/windows in studio are closed and locked (blinds down) Check toilets are empty – no taps left running – leave doors open
    • Ensure all lights/fans are turned off (if using dimmers turn off 3phase power on stage)
    • Lock foyer doors into hall.
    • Finally activate alarm and make sure both external glass doors are locked when you exit
    • Keys – return keys as advised by Venue coordinator