Fees and Charges

Standard Community Rate
Full Day Session Hourly Full Day Session Hourly
Entire Venue 520 350 60 340 240 50
Main Hall 420 300 50 290 210 35
Front Room 150 100 20 100 70 15
Cleaning 90 60 30 45 35 25
Kitchen full catering 80 50 20 60 40 10
Projector Hire 60 50 10 50 40 10
Audio Hire 60 50 10 50 40 10
Projector & Audio Hire 100 80 10 80 60 15
Bump/rehearse in Main Hall 300 200 100 200 100 60
Technician to do AUDIO SET UP and operation 45
  • Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD$)
  • Full Day is complete access all day
  • Session is 6 hours max. Before or after 5pm.
  • Hourly rate max 4 hours Clean rate is flat rate.
  • Room Fees incl. kitchen for beverages only

Between $100 and $500 determined by Coordinator

Discounts for Multi-Day Hire

(% off hire fee)

2 days
3 days
4 days
over 4 days

Booking form

Steps in the booking process

  1. Please email Heather Rose to enquire about availability for your event. Heather Can also assist you with any extra requirements you may have.
  2. The next step is to complete the online booking form. This gives the co-ordinator the information required to invoice for the event.
  3. You will receive and Invoice.  Payment of this invoice is required before the date can be held.

Email: bookings@mullumcivic.com

Phone: 0488 609 774, you can leave messages here.
Or: 0403 204 644

Community Application Form

As a community hall we offer a discount rate for Community Users. The Mullumbimby Civic Hall Management will use the following guidelines to define user categories for hire. To apply for Community Rates please fill in the online Community Application form addressing the criteria below;

Community User:

  • Not for profit legal structure and a registered office within the Byron Shire
  • No wages or gratuities being paid to an individual
  • Income being donated to community organisations
  • Raising money for charity
  • Supports a community group
  • Registered as an income exempt tax exempt charity (ITEC) with the ATO
  • Is a genuine private event not open to members of the public
  • A person (or group) who freely offers to perform a service or undertake a task.

If you do not have the required documentation then please provide evidence of your not for profit status using the above criteria. All applicants are required to complete the online Community Application Form.

Commercial User:

  • Creates an income from activity
  • Makes a profit from the activity
  • Pays staff or individual for an activity
  • Is a sole trader or registered business

Customer Feedback

The Mullumbimby Civic Hall Management will use the information submitted on the Customer Feedback Form to improve our services to our clients and the community. Our aim is to provide a Civic Hall that is a focal point for the town of Mullumbimby, providing a venue for entertainment, community events, public meetings and exhibitions. Opportunity also exists to get involved in the future and upkeep of the Civic Hall by volunteering your skills or by application to the Board of Management.


If you would like to be a Volunteer at the Mullumbimby Civic Hall then please email the Venue Coordinator at mullumcivic@gmail.com outlining your contact details, skills and availability.